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Homefront Unit - Additional Activities

  1. Victory Garden in a pot. As a class, try to grow as many vegetables as possible in one pot.

  2. Cooking without sugar. There are many marvelous recipes online from the Home Front era. Choose any sugarless cookie recipe to serve to your students. Have students research recipes in their own family and online. Here are some authentic Home Front recipes:

    Meatless Meat Loaf:
    2 C cold beans, 2C bread crumbs, 1C nut meats (if available), 2 eggs, 2T melted oleo, 2T chopped green pepper or 1t sage, salt to taste. Shape as you would a meat loaf. Pour over it one can of tomato pulp or soup and a little water. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Mrs Harry Tammen.

    Mock Chicken and Noodles:
    1 quart milk, 4 T oleo, 1&1/2 cup noodles, 5 hard cooked eggs. When milk has reached the boiling point, add oleo and noodles. Cook 20 minutes. Then add the eggs cut in half. Salt and pepper to taste. Mrs G.W. Shaffer.

  3. Create a class scrapbook of World War II memories by interviewing seniors in your community.

  4. Create V-mail. Remember - Loose Lips Sink Ships. You can't tell anyone where you are, or what you are doing, or give any hint of location or activity. You can't mention the date. Can't mention the weather as that also might give a clue to location. Have fun with this activity. It is the lighter side of the war.

  5. Research some of the marvelous cartoons created during World War II.

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Some Information from Through My Eyes, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Co-Sponsored by the National Archives-Central Plains Region and the Johnson County Museum System, reprinted by permission. All Rights Reserved