- US Home Front during World War II - UNIT with 7 handouts, original story, classroom game Illustration

Home Front Unit -
World War II

Lesson Plans

Conducting Oral Histories

What is an oral history?

Conduct an oral history with family about 9-11

Conduct an oral history with a class guest about the US Home Front during World War II

Symbols of the Home Front

Mom goes to work. (Rosie the Riveter)

Ration Stamps, Victory Gardens, Junk Rally

The Sights of War (V-mail,
Gold Stars, V is for Victory)


Handout #1
Where were you on Dec 7, 1941

Handout #2
Basic Rules of Oral Histories

Handout #3
Family Interview Form

Handout #4
Oral History Release Form

Handout #5
Ration Books, Victory Gardens, Junk Rallies

Handout #6
The Ration Stamp Game

Handout #7
Walking Home (original short story)

Additional Activities, Lessons, Links

Some Information from Through My Eyes, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Co-Sponsored by the National Archives-Central Plains Region and the Johnson County Museum System, reprinted by permission. All Rights Reserved.